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A contract for the purchase and sale of residential real estate in Arizona is a legal document defining the conditions of interest of a buyer for the purchase of a property by a person wishing to sell this property. The seller and buyer (or their lawyers) negotiate the terms of the agreement, including the purchase price, closing date, condition of the property, etc. Typically, the buyer must make a count or „serious money“ to ensure that the seller takes the transaction seriously. Once inspections have been completed, funding is available (if applicable) and all other contingencies are met, the parties can sign the purchase and sale agreement to enter into the agreement. „WE WOULD LIKE A `CIVILIZED DIVORCE`, BUT WE HAVE SERIOUS DIFFERENCES. Come to a mediation and we think you`ll be surprised how an experienced mediator can make deals, often through creative compromises. Your mediation doesn`t have to be a negotiation on the table – on the contrary, you and your spouse will be in separate spaces, while we offer „shuttle diplomacy“, go back and forth and work on solutions. You have had enough conflicts; You are at Agreement House™ for solutions, not for conflicts. Your mediator will help you reach an agreement, and the great thing about mediation is that you will reach an agreement together and make the most of a bad situation. The Mediator will draft a summary of the agreement that will serve as the basis for a do-it-yourself divorce or documents prepared by one of our lawyers. As a general rule, a spouse may waive his or her right to collective property in a pre-marital or post-marital contract, provided that the contract fulfils all applicable laws. A renunciation of joint ownership before or after marriage may also be annulled during marriage or at the time of divorce, if the spouses agree.

Where a renunciation of joint ownership is valid, a judge or commissioner will usually impose it in the event of divorce, dissolution or legal separation. An Arizona Standard Lease agreement is a fixed-term agreement between a landlord and tenant for the use of a residential property. The tenant may be asked to provide personal information before signing the lease in order to validate his creditworthiness and prove that he can pay the monthly rent. After signing, the tenant should pay the first month`s rent and deposit to get the keys and access to the premises….