Agreement On Mutual Protection Of Classified Information

with Nekomentované

„contract“ – the agreement between authorized agencies in which the transmission and/or formation of classified information is provided. taking into account the mutual interests of the parties in ensuring the protection of classified information in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, based on the damage that may be caused to the internal security of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the interests of state institutions and organizations or the national economy industry, due to the unauthorized dissemination of classified information , appropriate security classifications for holders of classified information: Classified information with security classifications of „Special Sense“ and „Top Secret“ are part of state secrecy, stamped „Confidential“ – official secret. Under the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, data that is state and official secrecy are part of state secrets; Considering the mutual interest in the implementation of the agreement on mutual security between state secrets signed by the governments of the contracting states of the Commonwealth of Independent States on 22 January 1993 between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Russian Federation on the mutual protection of information classified as a „coordinating centre“ – the public authorities – the Authority – which is responsible for coordinating the sales activities of this agreement; „admission to classified information,“ the procedure for registering the right of individuals to access classified information and authorized bodies when acting with that information; The agreements between the EU and different countries aim to strengthen the security of their citizens through the exchange of classified information and to put in place mechanisms to ensure the security of information. The parties agree to strengthen cooperation in the area of security and the exchange of classified information. They recognize that effective cooperation requires access to this information and that this type of exchange requires appropriate security measures. „authorized body“: the public body, the public authority or the organization authorized by the contracting parties to receive, store, protect and use the classified information transmitted and/or constituted as part of cooperation between the parties; based on the desire to ensure the protection of classified information implemented within the framework of political, military, economic, scientific and technical cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation for the exchange of classified information, as well as classified information formed as part of such „security classification“ cooperation, information contained in the carrier of classified information and/or in the document accompanying the document on the basis of the data privacy. contained on the carrier; State-protected data in the area of foreign, economic, scientific and technical policy, intelligence, intelligence and operational research activities that may be harmful to the security of the Russian Federation, its political or economic interests. Depending on the damage caused by the unauthorized disclosure of classified information, the degree of privacy of classified information and the following security classifications, corresponding to those degrees for classified information carriers, are determined: The agreements provide a legal framework in which one party provides classified information to the other party, but does not require any of the parties to provide that information. This document contains the following information: Agreement between the United Kingdom and France on the mutual protection of classified information: London, 27 March 2008.