Celebrity Prenuptial Agreements

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Some of the main benefits are knowing in advance what your financial obligations would be in the event of a divorce, being on the same financial side of your future together, and it can be a communication exercise that brings the two of you closer together. To learn more about marriage contracts, click here. In the marital contract of Beyoncé and Jay Z, Beyoncé has a lot of influence. Their marriage contract says Beyoncé received $5 million for each child they have, regardless of a divorce. In the event of a divorce, Beyoncé will receive $1 million a year of marriage. Jessica and Justin have a marriage deal on the fraud. If Justin cheats on Jessica, Jessica gets $500, 000. These kinds of clauses on fraud/infidelity are common in prenupes, although celebrities take it to new levels. Some couples, however, feel that it is not necessary to design a marriage pact when they are engaged. You don`t need to own a lot of money, and you don`t have a large property to enjoy a prenup. In this famous Prenup case, Chris Rock came out on top when his marriage contract ended shortly before his divorce from Malaak Compton-Rock in 2015. Chris` wife appeared to wait for divorce until shortly after the expiration of 20-year-old prenup – Chris was given a heavy financial responsibility as a higher interest contract. Chris Rock, who is worth about $US70 million, could pay Malaak half of his assets under California`s real estate division laws.

Avoid such a mistake by hiring a lawyer to handle your marriage pact in Los Angeles. Bey and Jay are happy in love for now, but if this multi-million dollar couple were to divorce, their marital arrangement would come into the case. Sources say Jay Z gives Beyoncé $5 million for each child the couple has reunited, depending on the language of the prenupe, whether the couple`s divorce is or not. If Beyoncé and Jay Z ever split up, Beyoncé would get a million dollars in their prenupe every year they were married. The IB Times said an alleged adultery clause in the couple`s marital agreement would grant Angelina primary custody of the six children if Brad Pitt got too close to another woman during the marriage. The couple`s prenupe also says that the assets they earned together during their marriage would go to a children`s trust, six ways shared. Get ready: the details of the marriage contract of these four celebrity couples will let go of your jaw. If you are currently engaged and would like to learn more about developing a marriage pact, we will be happy to help.