Data Processing Agreement Azure

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You can find Microsoft`s contractual obligations regarding the GDPR in the Data Protection Addendum online services, which list Microsoft`s data protection obligations, data processing terms, and GDPR terms applicable to Microsoft-hosted services that subscribe to customers under a volume license agreement. These terms bind Microsoft to the requirements of the processors referred to in Article 28 of the GDPR and other relevant articles of the GDPR. Can someone help me and tell me where to download or get this agreement? I am looking for a data processing agreement, since we use Office 365 and we are in Sweden. May 25: e The new GDPR comes into force and by then we must have an agreement signed with Microsoft. But does the online service agreement contain a sny addition of data processor? Because, as I perceive, we need a signed DPA, because Microsoft processes the personal data of our employees when we use Office 365. That`s right? The purpose of this document is to provide data managers with information about Microsoft Azure that will help them determine if a DSFA is needed and, if so, what details should be included. Yes. The GDPR requires that managers (e.g. B organizations and developers who use Microsoft`s online services for business) only use subcontractors (for example. B Microsoft) that process personal data on behalf of the controller and offer sufficient safeguards to meet the essential requirements of the GDPR.

Microsoft has taken proactive steps to make these obligations available to all enterprise online customers under their subscription agreements and to volume licensing customers under their enterprise agreements. Customers of other generally available enterprise software, licensed by Microsoft or our affiliates, also enjoy the benefits of Microsoft`s GDPR obligations, as described in this notice, to the extent that the software processes personal data. Microsoft extends the terms of the GDPR to all customers of generally available enterprise software products that have been licensed by us or our associated companies under the Microsoft Software License effective May 25, 2018, regardless of the applicable version of the company`s software, to the extent that Microsoft is a processor or processor of personal data associated with that software. and as long as Microsoft continues to offer or support the release…