Franchise Agreement Fiber

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The city remains hopeful that it will be able to reach a new agreement with the historic provider Charter Communications, which owns most of the fibre optics on Mount Desert Island, where the city is located. The franchise agreement, inherited by Charter Communications when it merged with Time Warner Cable, expired in 2014. Negotiations for a new agreement appeared to have stalled when Charter wanted to start putting the city in its mouth to access the established fibers. In the previous agreement, municipal use of fibre optics in municipal facilities was a service that was included at no additional cost. On questions from the Journal, Sean Moody said a former employee of the city of Santa Fe, who was working on the project and is now under city contract as a consultant, in an email saying that „the city`s only agreement with Cyber Mesa is the $1 million broadband CIP project, built and managed under the Cyber Mesa Santa Fe Fiber, a fiber optic network that only provides, builds and manages internet, ethernet and dark services for each qualified provider.“ Is Google`s technology at the cutting edge of technology and an advantage in a global market? Yes, yes. High-speed, symmetrical fibre-optic connections for locals and businesses are the global norm, and the United States (along with the Portland area) is, by most measures, behind the rest of the world. The city has spent many years preparing and planning the state-of-the-art fiber technology that Google will build in Portland. The city`s strategic plan for broadband deployment was a key incentive to spark Google`s interest in Portland, see: Councillor Richard Higginson described UTOPIA as a „proven player“ in an email to the Standard Examiner. Other municipalities with franchise agreements are Salt Lake City, Draper, South Jordan and Pleasant Grove.

Higginson wrote: You first have to get a franchise before you apply for permission from the city for a surface installation, because there will be a visual effect. Why isn`t the city`s proposed agreement with Google the same as local franchise agreements with cable operators such as Comcast and Frontier? Because the agreement with Google is not a cable franchise. As defined by federal law, Google will not offer or offer any cable television services in Portland. Between the direct benefits of the public under the franchise (z.B for free basic broadband, free connections with municipal organizations, public wi-fi, connections with PEG and I-Net, etc.) and indirect public benefits (investment, economic development and competitive choices that can improve services and lower prices) public benefits have been offered for many years under the local cable franchise. Lincoln, Nebraska, has refined the art of working with private sector partners interested in using their public lines for private fiber optics. Already in 2012, the city invested in a vast management system to create an environment that would welcome private operators.