Un Transfer Agreement

with Nekomentované

No, transfers of pension rights within or from the UNJSPF are only permitted if an applicable transfer contract is in force. However, most transfer agreements are so-called „Outer Circle“ agreements, as the pension systems of the respective organizations/governments are not substantially equivalent to those of the NJC. For these arrangements (i.e. all agreements except those with the IMF, IADB and WTO), the amount of the transfer value to be paid by the „issuer“ plan is calculated according to the conditions set out in the transfer agreement. No, because often a transfer agent would receive far fewer pension funds than he accumulated with the „send“ plan. The decision whether or not to transfer depends on the combined benefits you would expect from the „receiving“ plan if you end up separating from that organization, instead of taking advantage of the „issuer“ plan and getting a separate benefit from the „receiving“ plan. No no. With regard to transfers to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), the amount of appropriations carried forward is fixed in the agreements in force and the service time credited under the „receiving“ plan is equal to that which took place on a direct-to-one basis under the „transmitter“ plan. This is called the „Inner Circle“ agreement. UNJSPF has concluded transfer agreements with a number of international organizations and governments. A list of such transfer agreements (including those that have been terminated or suspended) is set out in Annex II and is also available on the Fund`s website in www.unjspf.org. What does the transfer of pension rights mean? Yes, you should ask a written question for such a quote. However, a final statement can only be made after your separation from service and confirmation that you have the right to transfer your pension rights acquired from a transfer contract.

No, you must separate from the service before requesting the transfer of your pension rights. The transfer of pension rights acquired at the end of a period of leave is subject to the provisions of the transfer contract in force and can only take place after the end of your LWOP. . . .